Journey Thru Grief
For Parents Who Have Lost a Child To Suicide
​On December 2, 2006 my life changed forever.

The loss of my precious daughter sent me on a journey.

Along my grief journey I found that while many parents are traveling down their own path, they find little help or resources to cope.

i need to show them they are not alone!
My Thoughts...

Tomorrow I walk not only for Chelsie but for all the other parents who have lost children to suicide and are sitting in their houses scared to come out and talk to people. There are more than you realize. I also walk for the people who struggle with the pain of mental conflicts who can't find adequate services. It's not as easy to find those services as you may think. Many of you struggle just to make your monthly bill payments and can't afford a donation and I truly understand. For those who only have to bypass a lunch out or a latte in order to donate, I ask you to consider donating for suicide prevention. If you can't show your support monetarily, please share this post and ask your friends to either walk with us or show their support in some way. Thank you.